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Prepare for a career change during the Corona crisis

Are you thinking about a career change? Consider the crisis as an opportunity to gain clarity about what your professional future should look like. Use your free time and the new contact restrictions to prepare your next career steps.

2. Visualize your future

What is your vision of your future? What should it look like in 10 years – professionally and privately? How and with whom do you want to develop your life? How do you imagine your future working world? What new experiences will you have then? What will be particularly important to you? Which dreams do you want to fulfill? Is there a motto for your life?

Future career

Find a quiet place where you feel comfortable, close your eyes and imagine the answers to these questions. Take the time for a detailed imaginary journey into your future and save your picture of the future in your mind.

Then, as you slowly open your eyes and return to the present, make a few notes about the things you have seen. Then take a large piece of paper (flipchart paper, at least A3 drawing pad or similar) and put your vision on paper in the form of a collage. Cut out suitable pictures from different magazines, glue them onto the paper and add some drawings until your

vision is recognizable. If you do not have space to hang up your collage, take a photo with your smartphone and carry your vision with you.

Organise your future ideas

Prioritize what the first steps should be to realize your vision. Put this in writing. Also write down which of your strengths will be of particular benefit to you.

Just get started and take your future into your own hands now.


If you would like professional support for your career change

If you are looking for more individual support in your personal or professional situation, I would be happy to support you with online coaching via video call. Feel free to contact me by email or phone.