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Expat Coaching for repatriates

‘I do not understand the world anymore’ – returning to a new old home.

You spent several years working abroad and have just returned to Germany or have been ‘back home’ for a couple of months already?

An Expat Coaching for repatriates will not only be beneficial for you but also for your employer.

Maybe after these or similar disappointments you feel frustrated and wish you were back in your host country?

These may be symptoms of a very typical phenomenon – the reverse culture shock.
The experiences made abroad have shaped you and changed your way of looking at your native surroundings. At the same time, your organization has developed further, just like your family and friends.

In this context, Expat Coaching will help you prepare proactively, with the aid of concrete measures, for your return, in order to guarantee a positive restart in Germany. Ideally, you will commence Expat Coaching before the end of your stay abroad in order to set a new professional and private course for Germany in good time.


Expatcoaching für Rückkehrer

How do you as an organization benefit from coaching that supports your repatriates?

This way, your employees on assignment will be able to prepare themselves for this step in good time, with regard to both their further career and their personal challenges.

At times of global skills shortage, you will thus retain valuable, qualified, and experienced employees in your organization. At the same time, these employees will be your best in-house ambassadors for international assignments: They will communicate the attractiveness of working abroad for your organization to their colleagues. In addition, they can mentor future repatriates.

You want to find out more?

Simply contact me via phone or email and let me know how I can assist you. I’ll be happy to hear from you!

I primarily offer my services in the Rhine-Erft district and in the Cologne area.

Kerstin Brandes, Portrait Wortwelten Brandes


What clients say

  • Liebe Kerstin, für mich war das Coaching sehr hilfreich und mir sind gerade im Nachgang einige Dinge noch bewusster geworden. Insofern war es für mich ein voller Erfolg!

  • It was the first course I really thought useful for my career.

  • It was really practical. I think that I can use everything I discovered that day.

  • What I liked about the workshop were lots of opportunities to practice and a very friendly and encouraging atmosphere.

  • Nochmals vielen Dank für das Bewerbercoaching bei Ihnen. Ich konnte sehr viel mitnehmen.



Kerstin Brandes, co-author Impulse für wirksame Führung

As one of 21 experts on "Successful Leadership" I wrote an article for this book published by Gabal.

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