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I am happy to share with you some very personal feedback I have received from my clients on my coaching, intercultural training and language training services. You will find here a selection of personal quotes and participant feedback taken from my feedback forms.


As a coach Ms Brandes is giving me strength during the restructuring in our organization. I have learnt to control my emotions and to focus on new tasks.
A high-trust atmosphere has developed in our co-operation, which facilitates a constructive coaching process. Ms Brandes is focused on this process and works in a sustained and output-oriented manner by applying her well-stocked toolbox as befits the situation.
I appreciate her calmness and composure and consider her coaching highly valuable.

Dieter Winter, Site Manager, Pfeifer & Langen


It was great atmosphere with warm welcome by the drink (*my favorite as Kerstin have known was Coffee J). Also, the place was comfortable for our coaching. I have more knowledge and good understand about German culture and good tactic for my application and also well prepared for Q&A of my job interview. All what I had consulted with Kerstin is helpful and useful for me for the future.
First we met for getting to know and understand from what I needed and I feel very comfortable with Kerstin. So I feel I can rely on her and I can talk or consult for everything. On the other hand, Kerstin was flexible to adjust even I had changed the meeting date or some topics. So I would say she is good coaching who’s understand customer needs and a lot of experiences for coaching. Moreover, she can help suggest something useful for me.

Wantana Behrens, Expat from Thailand


Many thanks for the competent and emphatic support.


Once again many thanks for the job application coaching with you. I could take a lot with me.


I have to thank you. You have carried me through this process very well.


Hello, Kerstin,
Many thanks again for yesterday’s coaching.
I found it very exciting and was really surprised at how helpful it is to put oneself in the role of other people – and especially unrelated people – and to answer one’s own question. This partly provides clear answers and opens up new possibilities for action. That was really impressive. All in all the coaching provides good guidance for dealing with one’s own topic. Thank you very much for that.


Dear Ms Brandes,
Once again, many thanks for the coaching. It has set something in motion, even though I’m still in the middle of sorting myself out, which I haven’t finished yet.


Dear Mrs. Brandes,
as feedback in between: coaching with you does me good!
The first time, the exchange of roles with my “consultants” gave me some hints as to what I still had to do. Now, the second time, the clear statements about what I think is important have given me a foothold.


Dear Kerstin,
The coaching was very helpful for me and I became even more aware of some things in the aftermath. So it has been a complete success for me!


We started the coaching with my objective ‘to obtain a clear overview of my life and a clear perspective for my future’. I can see clearly now: From this moment on, I wish to consciously feel, experience, shape and enjoy my life in Germany and in China; in my office and at home in Germany. Thanks, Kerstin!

Intercultural Training

Participant feedback taken from my feedback forms:


The practical exercises intensify and illustrate what you hear and contribute to implementation success.


I particularly enjoyed the practical information, the interactive exercises, the whole dynamic of the group. Ms Brandes did an excellent job, it was very enriching.


I particularly enjoyed the interactive envrionment during the course.


Good teacher. Liked that she invested time in answering all questions.


What I liked about the workshop were lots of opportunities to practice and a very friendly and encouraging atmosphere.


It was really practical. I think that I can use everything I discovered that day.


The course was given in an interactive manner so it was possible to get a lot of input not only from the lecturer but also from other students.


It was the first course I really thought useful for my career.


Nice hands-on examples with our own material.


The atmosphere in this course was very open and people didn’t mind to speak in front of the group.


Language Training

Personal quotes:


Since the training started I have gained considerable linguistic competence and have been acting with much more self-assurance in international meetings. Ms Brandes responds professionally to my individual training needs and (…) knows how to motivate me also in stressful career situations and, with her positive attitude, to convey enjoyment of learning.

Executive at Logistics Corporation


I can say that the session contents are parts of my projects and directly support my work. In comparison to last year, using English is easier for me which makes my work more efficient. So, I am very satisfied with the training results. I can recommend this training to every scientific employee with customer contact.

Scientist, Research & Scientist


Thank you so much for supporting me in finding the right words for workshops in the future.


Thank you for the wonderful first lesson last week. It was very helpful for me to speak with you. Hence I am highly motivated and happy about the English language.

Barbara Moraidis, Trainerin & Coach


Dear Kerstin, Thank you so much for our last lesson – it was very helpful for me and I am more confident.


Dear Kerstin,
First of all, I would like to thank you for the last ten years in which you accompanied me during my professional career. When we started our weekly English lessons I was an absolute beginner. It has been a challenge for both of us. Your well structured and competent studying methods connected with openness and patient has helped me to improve my English language. The special tools which you use made it easier for me to learn and to understand. The subject matters always were aligned to my daily tasks so that I could work with the new aquired knowledge which I needed for my job. You have taught me to host meetings and to give presentations in English. During our many years of cooperation, a trusting relationship has developed, which I greatly appreciate. It has been a wonderful and exciting time for me and now that I am retired I miss our weekly English lessons a lot. I wish you furthermore a lot of success to all your projects and I would be very happy if we could keep in contact.

Agnes Gianello, Head Buyer, Pfeifer & Langen


Dear Kerstin
Thank you really much for your support. Due to the english intensive course I am feeling very well prepared for my future tasks at work.
The atmosphere of our cooperation was very friendly, appreciatively and competent right from the start.I appreciate that you give time to my individually inquirements. Also the use of different tools and settings were useful to improve my language skills. Moreover I would like to thank you für the amount of additional information and material, which I will continue to use.I would be pleased to recommend you as trainer. I am looking forward to seeing you.

Michaela Quirin, Europäisches Zentrum für Arbeitnehmerfragen

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I primarily offer my services in the Rhine-Erft district and in the Cologne area.

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What clients say

  • Liebe Kerstin, für mich war das Coaching sehr hilfreich und mir sind gerade im Nachgang einige Dinge noch bewusster geworden. Insofern war es für mich ein voller Erfolg!

  • It was the first course I really thought useful for my career.

  • It was really practical. I think that I can use everything I discovered that day.

  • What I liked about the workshop were lots of opportunities to practice and a very friendly and encouraging atmosphere.

  • Nochmals vielen Dank für das Bewerbercoaching bei Ihnen. Ich konnte sehr viel mitnehmen.



Kerstin Brandes, co-author Impulse für wirksame Führung

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